Increasing conversion by building trust in the brand

TOWER London began working with us because they were impressed with our focus on building a customer experience, and engagement with a brand. 

The footwear space is incredibly competitive and price is a key factor in customer decisions so it was essential that we put a focus on why customers should trust and buy from TOWER London and not somewhere else.

The results

Customers told us that price and discounts were one of the top factors in their decision making process, but there is only so far a brand can go down that route.

By conducting customer interviews, we were able to discover that Shipping & Returns were the next 2 most important factors in the purchase decision. Specifically fast & free shipping, and hassle free returns.

We ran several tests including a shipping timer, messaging around free delivery, hassle free returns, and the availability of customer service, all successfully increasing conversion rates for the brand.

Results Summary

  • Highlight Search Bar Yellow - 16% increase in conversion rate
  • Trustpilot in the announcement bar - 10.6% increase in conversion rate
  • Delivery Icons under CTA - 3.1% increase in conversion

TOWER London


Short Term Results
Average of 7.3% improvement per test in the first 8 weeks.

Long Term Results
£3,900,000 in additional annual income.

Yiannis & Gerry
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Increasing conversion by building trust in the brand
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