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How we helped MOD Lighting unlock over $275,000 in additional monthly revenue from their existing traffic by increasing their conversion rate by 11% and their average order value by 9%

When Henry launched MOD Lighting in 2021, despite some initial success, he quickly realised that selling designer lighting was harder than expected.

Lighting can be pricey, it's a big commitment for customers to make, and coupled with the individual tastes and preferences each person has, it was proving difficult to convince customers to take a chance on MOD Lighting.

Price and trust were key factors causing problems, but so were the products themselves. Customers were not converting because key product questions were going unanswered.

The results

After running some customer interviews, we knew that a key focus for optimising the MOD website would be the products themselves and making sure we answered every possible question a customer might have.

Questions related to the dimensions of the product, how it's installed, what type of bulb and where to get a replacement from, and a lot of information that was either hidden on the product page or not there at all.

By introducing some of this information, and improving the checkout experience, we were able to achieve an average of 15.4% improvement in conversion rate per test and added $275,000 in additional income for the business.

Results Summary

  • Free Shipping at the top - 10.3% increase in conversion
  • Phone number in the nav - 7.5% increase in conversion
  • New hero image with headline - 24% increase in conversion

MOD Lighting


Short Term Results
Average of 15.4% improvement per test in the first 8 weeks

Long Term Results
$3,300,000 in additional annual income

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