A 53% increase in conversion rate and a 23% Improvement in Average Order Value in under 6 months

Groove reached out to us because while their ergonomic pillow was selling well, their cost of acquisition was too high, and their AOV too low.

With just a single hero product focused around a particular pain point, it was difficult to persuade customers to buy multiple, or to buy additional products that they felt they didn't need.

Due to targeting a health related pain point, the focus had to be on ensuring customers really believed this product would solve their problem, and would not risk aggravating it further.

The results

Through a mix of email surveys and 1-2-1 interviews we quickly established that the product page needed to focus more on the actual benefit of the pillow, and the pain points that it targeted, not simply the features of the pillow and how it was designed.

In addition, we worked to create various bundles, upgrades, and upsells to encourage customers to spend more to hit the free shipping threshold and bump the Average Order Value up.

By introducing targeting these key points of product information and bundling we were able to improve conversion rate by over 53%, and AOV by 23% in 6 months.

Groove Pillows (formerly easy Sleeper)


Short Term Results
53% improvement in Conversion & 23% Improvement in AOV over 6 months

Long Term Results
Reduced Cost of Acquisition & Significantly Improved Profit Per Order

Luke Martin
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A 53% increase in conversion rate and a 23% Improvement in Average Order Value in under 6 months
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