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79: How to Create a Brand Your Customers Cannot Ignore

 October 5, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“The future of CX is viewing it as a marketing channel. And obviously allocating spend towards it and letting the voice of the customer be part of all these decisions”

In episode 79 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a fantastic chat with Eli Weiss, Director of Customer Experience at OLIPOP, a deliciously refreshing tonic with prebiotics, botanicals, and natural plant fiber for a healthy gut. In this talk, we go through examples and anecdotes – from OLIPOP and other brands – to help you upgrade your definition of customer experience. 

Most brands see customer experience (CX) as something that stems from handling support requests. Therein lies the problem – a customer experiences your brand at several touchpoints across the marketing journey.

Making customer experience a part of the marketing team’s responsibility helps elevate the brand’s customer experience to a whole new level.

Eli’s work in CX started with a Kickstarter brand based out of Israel. He transformed the brand’s experience – for a project delayed by 2 years – into something the customers love. He transitioned into food and beverage in 2020 where he spent a little bit of time at Nuggs, a vegan chicken alternative, and joined OLIPOP in the middle of last year.

You can follow the OLIPOP brand on Instagram and/or Twitter or talk to Eli on Twitter or LinkedIn

Key Highlights:

02:28 – 09:55 – Levels of Customer Experience – Most brands mistake customer support for customer experience. Truly outstanding customer experience involves a proactive approach that focuses on improving all touchpoints across the customer journey. It requires work on building a brand and fulfilling the expectations they glean from your brand as well as your competitors’ brands. 

09:56 – 14:17 – OLIPOP’s Keys to Growth – OLIPOP has seen massive growth because of it’s relentless commitment to meet customers where they are. They don’t take shortcuts or compromise on values that contribute to customer experience. Their marketing team is also integrated tightly with the CEO while maintaining a great work culture that proactively takes care of its employees. Not taking customers for granted is also a major driver that directly feeds into their growth. 

14:18 – 18:17 – Managing Challenges During a Growth Period – For an FMCG company like OLIPOP, issues in the supply chain can quickly overflow into the customer side and affect their business. This is where managing customer expectations and being transparent with them helps stave off any major issues. Pre-orders are also an option but the “Ship by” date must incorporate a sufficient enough buffer to manage any supply chain issues. 

18:18 – 22:30 – Customer Experience 2.0 – Customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. More than being a cost center, customer experience is a tool to deeply connect with consumers through principles such as transparent communication, under-promise and over-deliver, and treating them like best friends. It’s about finding solutions that no brand can copy or execute at scale. 

22:31 – 29:44 – Creating an Amazing Customer Experience Team – Hire people who share the same values that you want your brand to espouse and those who understand what they can do to delight customers in every situation. Use great and poor customer experiences as learning opportunities. Don’t let corporate structure and processes get in their way. 

29:45 – 40:45 – Creating a Subscription Program That Customers Love – Don’t use subscription as a default option. Use data to decide if your program needs a subscription plan and make sure your plan has a value proposition that customers can’t ignore. When it comes to subscription plans, your brand is competing against all brands that offer subscriptions – even those outside your niche (like Netflix). Don’t stand in customers’ way when they decide to cancel your subscription. 

Who Would Eli Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Eli would love to talk to Ryan Cohen, the founder of pet food and supplies brand Chewy. 

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