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17. The secrets to a powerful content strategy

 July 28, 2020

By  Will

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It’s episode 17 and I had the pleasure of chatting all about content marketing with Raj Anand, the founder of Goodman Lantern.

Content marketing is a super valuable, but quite undervalued or misunderstood channel. It can be applied throughout the marketing funnel to help you generate brand awareness, convert traffic/leads into customers, fully activate them, and retain them in the long run as well.

Raj Anand is the founder of Goodman Lantern, a team of native English content writing and software development services that help businesses sell better and grow faster. 

An engineer by profession, he has founded three startups, raised capital, and taken one venture from zero to acquisition. He has not only had a flourishing career within startups but also with large and mid-sized organisations, working on launching startups or new products within them. Products he has built have made companies an income in excess of £55m. 

Raj has also won BusinessWeek’s Europe’s Young Entrepreneur (2007) and has been named one of Revolution Magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Digital (2009). He has spoken at various venues including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, British Library, and several universities including LSE. Raj and his entrepreneurial ventures have had coverage in The Telegraph, Guardian, BusinessWeek, and Observer.

Key Highlights:

00:35 - 06:48 - An Introduction to Raj and Goodman Lantern - The man used to take 280 flights a year! Goodman Lantern provides native english content writing, and software development, all focused around SEO. Raj has always seen great ROI’s from content marketing.

07:04 - 14:23 - What is Content Marketing? - There’s loads of types of content, whether its blogs, podcasts, video, social media, emails etc. Content marketing is all these different mediums, and they all have their uses at different stages of the funnel. For example you might put out content about how your brand cares for the environment to get eyes on it, then the middle funnel is about how exactly you care for the environment, and then bottom of funnel would be ‘here are the products that are good for the environment, buy them please’.

14:31 - 19:06 - Common Myths and Misconceptions - The biggest one is that it can be done quickly, and if it doesn't provide results quickly, content marketing doesn't work. Content marketing is a long term process. You need to really identify your goals, research and plan how each channel you use is different and how the content will differ, and then keep at it for a while, and consistently.

19:24 - 30:10 - First things to Consider - Understand your objectives, it’s absolutely crucial. Do your research, who is your audience? What does your brand stand for? What is the competition doing? Then make sure you measure everything, test and learn to work out what works and ditch the stuff that doesnt. 99% of brands who fail with content marketing just don’t have a plan in place, and don’t measure it.

30:51 - 36:48 - Biggest Mistakes with Content Marketing - Assuming you have made a plan and know what youre doing, giving up early is one of the biggest mistakes. This stuff does take time. Most businesses are only considered a success after 10 years, so it is a long term process, and so is content marketing. Brands that are able to take this long term approach will do better than those who try to earn every dollar right now. 

36:58 - 40:45 - Trends in Content Marketing for the next 12-18 Months - High volume production will be key, finding ways to produce large amounts of high quality content will be on the agenda, as well as conversion optimization. What content can be used to improve the conversion rates of websites, and increase AOVs as well.

40:56 - 43:11 - Raj’s Pet Peeves - Companies that silo their departments, particularly marketing teams. Everyone has to be working together, feeding back to each other and working to improve the company. Every employee should have customer satisfaction on their mind.

45:05 - 48:12 - What Channel Would Raj Kill Off? - Multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. They never seem legit, and while some may work, obviously the goal of the company at the top is just to sell to people who want to sell their products. It’s very different to selling to the consumer, it’s a very different message and its very easy to abuse that.

If you’d like to hear more from Raj or contact him you can visit the Goodman Lantern website or hunt him down on LinkedIn.


Will is a Customer Journey Marketing consultant, specialising in CRO, CRM and Customer Experience. Will has over 7 years experience working across a range of consumer facing businesses and has worked for huge brands such as MyVoucherCodes, Europcar, JackpotJoy, Virgin Games and Virgin Bet.


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