$372,000 in additional revenue from their existing traffic by increasing their conversion rate by 7% and average order value by 7.5%

What the client had to say

Oli reached out to me as D. Louise was struggling with poor conversion rates. Due to their low margins, it was essential that the conversion rate was improved to make the most out of the marketing spend.

The results

Through customer research, we very quickly identified some key concerns of customers, including questions related to the quality of the products at the price they were being sold at.

A number of tests were run to target this concern, including explaining the exact process behind making the jewellery. This led to significant improvements in conversion, and tens of thousands of pounds in additional revenue.

D. Louise


Short Term Results
Average Of 6% Improvement Per Test In The First 8 Weeks

Long Term Results
$372,000 In Additional Revenue Generated from their existing traffic

Oli Smithson
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$372,000 In Additional Revenue From Their Existing Traffic By Increasing Their Conversion Rate By 7% And AOV By 7.5%
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