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Actionable Optimisation #55 – Removing the Digital Dead Ends

 August 17, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

Boost your conversions by removing dead ends from the customer journey

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A customer journey that has dead ends and leads nowhere is a bit pointless.

Think about it:  the whole purpose of designing the customer journey is to visualise and improve your brand's experience across all touchpoints so that the customer wants to take the next step.

But, if there are no next steps to take... the customer won't take them.

Whatever the customer is doing on your website, there should never be a situation where they take an action (I'll give you a couple of practical examples in a sec) and there's a dead-end and no suggested path forward.

No matter the scenario, there should always be a contextually relevant action that would take the customer to the next stage; there should never be a point at which youre not offering the customer the chance to do something.

Take search results.

If the customer is looking for something on your site that you don't offer, don't just say "No results found".

Instead, show a few relevant product recommendations that could keep the customer browsing rather than dropping out to find what they're looking for elsewhere.

The same goes for signing up for back-in-stock notifications.

Once the customer leaves their email address, don't just leave them hanging with a confirmation - again, show product recommendations that are similar to the item they intended to purchase.

It's even more important to remove that dead end for back-in-stock notifications because chances are, the customer will not wait until the product becomes available again - they'll just search for it in another store.

Even filling out a form shouldn't end once the customer clicks "Submit" because the next step could take them to your blog or resources, for example.

Ultimately, please understand: if there's no action to take, the customer will leave your website as soon as they hit the dead end. 

Customers Who Click


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