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Actionable Optimisation #41 – One-Click Upsell

 February 23, 2021

By  Will

Improve Your Average Order Values with One-Click Upsells

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What if I were to tell you that you could immediately make more money from a customer who has just purchased from you?

Is that something you’d be interested in?

(Entourage reference anyone?)

Your customer may have forgotten or not even seen a particular product, or it might be the case that a brand new customer has just decided to purchase from you and so took it a little easy on their wallet the first time round.

A one-click upsell is an excellent way of putting a little special offer in front of them and could have amazing benefits for your business if done properly.

Got a complementary product to offer? Chuck it post-purchase to give people that extra little nudge and make sure they’ve seen it.

Or maybe you want to offer an exclusive product only to those who have made a purchase?

On average, some businesses see up to a 15% increase in sales, with a 16% conversion rate on the upsells.

What reason could you have for saying no to that?

Well, of course, it won’t necessarily work for any business, and a poor implementation could actually damage the customer experience.

But that’s why just as with everything in marketing, you do your research, you plan the implementation and really focus on the customer needs.

Think to yourself ‘if this was displayed to me, what would I do?’ and if the answer is get fed up with yet another ‘ask’, its probably not right.

But if you’re thinking ‘oh yeah, that works well with what I’ve just bought’ you could be on to a money maker.

(probably suggested you ask some impartial people what they think to avoid a bias in answering those questions).

What do you think of one-click upsells? Pushy and annoying sales message? Or a fantastic opportunity to improve the customer experience and earn a bit of money at the same time?


Will is a Customer Journey Marketing consultant, specialising in CRO, CRM and Customer Experience. Will has over 7 years experience working across a range of consumer facing businesses and has worked for huge brands such as MyVoucherCodes, Europcar, JackpotJoy, Virgin Games and Virgin Bet.


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