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95. Turning your hero products into sales Superheroes

 January 26, 2022

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 95 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a great chat with Ross Davies about how to design high-converting hero product pages.

Even companies with a couple of hundred products will probably find that the majority of their revenue comes from a tiny number of products, it's the 80/20 rule really. So how do you ensure those products sell really well? How do you overcome the buyer’s objections?

Customer research and conversion-led product page design. There are huge benefits to really working hard to design product pages that are bespoke for those products. Of course, it’s easier if you’ve got a handful of products, but even if you have quite a large store you can pick out your hero products and really work hard to optimise them individually.

Ross is the Managing Director of Strafe Creative, a design agency specialising in conversion-led design. He has years of experience in progressive Program/Project Management experience in Web Design, Graphic Design, Print Design, 3D Games Design, Product Development, & Information Technology and has helped Strafe Creative become one of the fastest-growing digital design agencies in Nottingham. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter or head over to https://www.strafecreative.co.uk/

Key Highlights:

02:05 - 08:25 - What Are Currently the Biggest Growth Contributors for DTC Brands? - Obviously, it’s the global panini. Despite the uncertainty and many people getting furloughed or let go from their jobs, online spending is at an all time high. It’s not even the fact that retail was shut down, Ross is talking about impulse spending. With the transition to remote working and learning, we found ourselves with more time on our hands - and more time to browse social media or the web (and see more ads), and buy cool stuff we didn’t necessarily need. 

Another thing is how easy it is to just set up an online store and test it before actually spending money. And finally, we’re seeing an increase in ecommerce websites that sell literally just one product - or no more than ten. It’s a really cool way of doing things because think about the personalisation opportunities it provides. These brands present that one or two hero products like they’re the most amazing things in the world - and that is what their customers believe, too.

09:03 - 16:15 - Overcoming the “That Doesn’t Look Like a Product Page” Objection to Change - It can be really difficult for CRO agencies or consultants to convince clients to apply radical changes to their websites. Ross and his team focus on research and data to back up their conversion-led website design. They start with research to find out what exactly is preventing people from buying on a website. They then back it up with data and relevant studies from sources like Baynard Institute to show that the proposed changes are proved to work. OF course, for Ross and his team, case studies and websites they’ve worked on are also a great way to overcome the fear of change.

16:16 - 23:23 - How Can You Ensure You Have the Best Possible New Design of a Page? - Ross and his team at Strafe Creative have worked out a three-step process to verify their designs:

First, they look at customer reviews, and not just your own reviews. Let’s say you’re selling a toothbrush, look at other types of toothbrushes and create a list of good and bad things people say about them - and then see how your product page can address those on your page.

Second, don’t underestimate the power of forums or online communities. They can be very powerful for some audiences, and also tell you a lot about what your customers really are looking for.

Third, talk to your employees, especially with those that are in sales or customer service and ask for anything that comes up regularly during their conversations with customers.

23:38 - 28:29 - How Ross Tripled CRs for One of Their Clients Using the Process Above - After reading some of the concerns and questions customers posted on relevant forums about beard filler pencils, they discovered the concerns people were having, like whether it’ll come off after a session in the gym or night out, could the product give them a rush, or simply wanted to gain more understanding about how to apply it and how long it takes. So for their client, VOID Homme, they recorded some videos addressing all those concerns on a product page and yeah - tripled their conversion rates.

43:03 - Who Would Ross Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Ross would love to take the guys from Gousto. They’ve done an amazing job with their products, brand and overall customer experience.

44:15 - Ross’s Must-Have Ecommerce Tools:

  • Attention Insights - which allows you to test your website concept before going live

  • DXtweak - a set of powerful research tools for improving usability of web sites and apps, from prototypes to production.

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