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88: Communicating With Customers in D2C World

 December 7, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“The more transparent you can be about…what’s going on,…the better that expense will be from the customer standpoint”

In episode 88 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a wonderful chat with Chris Manderino, Co-Founder and CEO of Lyfe Fuel, a plant-based company producing organic nutritional supplements for a healthy lifestyle. In this conversation, we talk about customer experience, how to adopt tech early to help with friction, and why communication with the customer is crucial.

There are challenges peculiar to businesses at different levels, mainly due to the difference in experience. But one common challenge faced by both start-ups and enterprises is supply chain management, and if not handled properly, can ruin customer experience.

Chris transitioned from being a Territory Manager at Bariatric Advantage, a supplement company, to being the Vice President of Business at BevMD. Using knowledge from his business and globalism degree, his business experience, and drive for stellar customer experience, he devoted two years to the product and business development of Lyfe Fuel supplements. He has since been running his business for the past seven years. 

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Key Highlights:

05:28 – 11:10 – Lyfe Fuel’s Contributors to Growth – Lyfe Fuel’s growth has largely been due to persistence and an unwavering focus on the goal of creating the perfect customer experience. This was done by taking into account the feelings of customers, taking care of them, and understanding that they are dependent on the product to look and feel better. They understand that giving product users an incentive to buy is vital to growth. 

Additionally, they dedicated time and resources to improving and developing their product.

11:11 – 24:15 – Keys to Good Customer Experience – The importance of customers’ feelings of being heard, seen, and cared for is indisputable. With the CEO being customer satisfaction-focused, they reward loyalty and, at all costs, ensure the happiness of customers before anything else.  

24:16 – 32:10 – Challenge Management – Lyfe Fuel understands just how much impact the supply chain management can have on not just their business but also on customers. For this reason, they hold effective communication and transparency in high esteem. Keeping customers in the loop so that they know what to expect has been proven to help manage the supply chain problem.

32:41 – 54:28 – Customer Communications – With expansion, responsibility increases. Now, to ensure the smooth running of operations, there has to be a system. This system can be run through the use of tools and by increasing manpower. 

However, it is crucial to have people who share the same visions and values as colleagues. This not only boosts productivity and raises potential, but also guarantees customer satisfaction. 

There should also be a communication strategy in places such as personalised newsletters or check-in mails to show you care. Customer analytics also comes in handy to keep track of trends and patterns.

Who Would Chris Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Chris would love to talk to Nik Sharma, the CEO of Sharma Brands, which grows and scales revenue across digital platforms.  

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