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87: How to Stop Struggling With Low D2C Conversions

 November 30, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“So, giving them that flexibility, while it might sound counterintuitive to make it really easy for them to cancel or be able to pause the shipment, data actually shows that it increases the lifetime value by twenty to thirty percent of that customer”

Email and SMS marketing are powerful tools for brands to get to know their customers. SMS, particularly, has blown up in the past few years with more tools that help implement your SMS marketing strategy.

But most brands fail to leverage SMS as they think of it as a separate strategy. Their email marketing also fails to produce enough returns because it lacks a focus on personalization.

In episode 87 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a fantastic interview with Drew Himel about how to supplement your email marketing strategy with SMS marketing, how to personalize your email marketing strategy, and how to make conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts more profitable. 

Drew Himel is the Founder and CEO of PCR,  a digital strategy and consulting firm helping consumer brands scale and grow through conversion rate optimization (CRO). His agency has worked with early-stage startups like Dosist, MUD/WTR, and Vive Organic and helped the Los Angeles Chargers launch in LA. He is an active investor and advisor, having worked with SpaceX, Calm, and Seed.

You can talk to Drew on LinkedIn about conversion rate optimization or talk to his agency about your growth at ConsultPCR.com

Key Highlights:

03:20 – 11:05 – Relevance of SMS For Your Marketing Strategy – It doesn’t have to be an independent strategy. You can start small and use SMS marketing to conduct split tests for your email content strategy and collect data on your consumers. You can test out your welcome series, shopping cart abandonment, and other campaigns.  

11:06 – 20:30 – Optimizing Your Email Marketing Workflows – D2C brands should start with a story and get customers acquainted with their brand’s values. Use segmentation data to test personalized subject lines and email content, replace email with SMS at different stages, and find your most engaged audiences. 

20:31 – 27:34 – Benefits of Personalization – Your personalization efforts help you understand the simple patterns and preferences of the customer. It lets you find the relevant content to send and irrelevant content to filter out for different customer categories. When you refine your marketing strategy through carefully crafted personalized campaigns, you get better customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and sales from your emails. 

27:35 – 41:18 – Getting Started with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Define your conversion goals across the funnel and actively eliminate friction in the flow by customizing different workflows for different customer types. Add an advanced search bar that offers the same or near-equivalent experience as browsing category pages. It offers massive convenience, helps drastically improve your conversion rate, and helps understand your audience’s behavior. Invest in heat-map tools and behavior-tracking tools like Hotjar and Crazyegg.

41:19 – 44:16 – Creating a Productive Post-Purchase Survey – A good place to start is figuring out the attribution of the sale. Use this opportunity to collect data by asking questions about their preferences to help personalize your marketing communication strategy. But keep this survey limited to one to two questions. 

44:17 – 49:15 – Mistakes in Personalization – When teams don’t share data about customers, it results in impersonal experiences and puts your D2C brand at a disadvantage against your competitors. While embedding personalization in every aspect of brand experience is not easy, a much simpler strategy would be to focus on the highest-impact initiatives, rank others as per your brand’s priorities, and try not to do too many things at once. 

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