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85: Secrets of a Fast-Growing D2C Brand

 November 15, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“When things work on [one] brand, don’t work on another brand, you at least know you’re putting your best foot forward when you are testing or you’re building a new site and it gives you a confidence with some foundation”

A low conversion rate makes D2C brands try new things. Trying new things is good; it’s at the heart of growth marketing. You won’t know what works and what doesn’t work for your brand until you try your ideas out.

But every product, every customer, and every product category is different. What works for one brand may not always work for your specific D2C brand. And the challenges are magnified when you are managing a family of multiple D2C brands under the same department.

In episode 85 of the Customers Who Click podcast, we talk to Laur Fiatoa, Director of CRM and DEI Committee Chair at Helix Sleep. Laur manages three different brands under the Helix Sleep umbrella: Helix Sleep, Allform by Helix, and Birch by Helix. She explains how this diversification has helped grow this fantastic and still quite young D2C brand grow fast!

Laur has been in the PR, paid media, and performance marketing roles for over 8 years, and more than 3 of those years have come with Helix Sleep. 

You can talk more about D2C marketing or any of the 3 brands under Helix Sleep with Laur on LinkedIn

Key Highlights:

01:26 – 08:12 – Reviews, Returns, and Replacements for D2C Brands – Affiliate reviews, comparison-based reviews, and customer reviews often become people’s only source of product information when they are busy or stuck at home due to lockdown/restrictions. When the customer is unhappy, replacement is a fair option when a replacement product can fix their problem and/or reordering the product from someone else is a hassle for the customer. 

08:13 – 11:51 – Challenges in D2C Brand Growth – Finding the necessary data, visualizing it, and making it understandable for everyone in a formal manner is a challenge for a D2C brand. Data lets you find friction in the customer’s purchase journey, confirm the reason for it with solid numbers, and take steps to eliminate that friction. 

11:52 – 17:10 – Managing your data for multiple similar D2C brands – Growth strategies that work for one D2C brand may not work for another D2C brand even if the same type of customer buys both products/brands. Therefore, testing different strategies is important because it gives you confidence that you will know what works and what doesn’t work for each brand. 

17:11 – 20:33 – Managing customer expectation for multiple similar D2C brands – Chances are high that customer trust in one brand will transfer to another brand if they know that both brands have the same processes and teams behind it. 

20:34 – 22:35 – What happens when D2C marketing companies merge – Mergers allow D2C marketing companies to take advantage of each other’s strengths. New merging brands will bring exciting challenges for your marketing team to work on because all investments (time, money, and everything else) must happen from scratch. 

22:36 – 26:40 – How to Make Direct Mail Work For Your D2C Brand – Direct mail needs to fit in with the rest of the communications as one of those steps rather than a completely separate campaign. It works very well in certain industries such as gambling but might not work in others. Handwritten notes work really well in improving retention with existing customers. Keep trying different strategies and tactics because not all products or audiences are exactly the same. 

26:41 – 31:05 – SMS Marketing for D2C Brands – Many D2C brands are realizing success with SMS marketing with new Shopify apps and platforms like Klaviyo that help them leverage SMS communication. It works really well, especially with  abandoned cart workflows, because it lets brands have 1-to-1 conversations directly with customers. There are conversational AI tools in the market that can integrate with SMS marketing tools to level up the personalized experience by several notches. 

Who Would Laur Fiatoa Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Laur would love to have lunch with Zak Normandin, the Founder and CEO of Iris Nova, the parent company of NYC-based beverage brand DIRTY LEMON. They offer an end-to-end shopping experience entirely on mobile and Laur would love to talk to him about the future of SMS marketing. 

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