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82: How to Diversify Your D2C Marketing Strategy Beyond Facebook and Instagram

 October 26, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“The foundation needs to be set properly and the foundation [that] comes up organically when Facebook and … other platforms. The only thing left is how you are able to reach your customers off of these platforms. So … we focus very heavily on these native platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube shorts, and Pinterest – these four platforms that typically don’t really show up in conversations.”

In episode 82 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I talked to Doe Lashes founder Jason Wong about their growth tactics and unconventional platforms that they use for content marketing of their D2C products.  

The customer journey of D2C products is different from that of B2B products. Opportunities for branding during those journeys are also different.

What most D2C products forget is that content marketing for their product is still the dominating strategy to get their brands noticed among a sea of other brands. Once this builds enough trust with the customer, they express their interest by sharing their email and that starts their journey towards becoming a buyer of the product. This episode helps you reimagine your D2C product’s customer journey by learning from the experiences of how Doe Lashes imagines its customer journey. 

Jason Wong is the Founder of Doe Lashes and has grown the company from $120,000 in revenue in 2019 to more than $5 Million (projected) in 2021 by relying on social media channels that most D2C brands never think of. He’s also the Managing Partner at Wonghaus Ventures. 

You can find Jason on Twitter where he’s pretty responsive to DMs. 

Key Highlights:

01:03 – 04:04 – Lessons from Key Contributors of Doe Lashes’ Growth – Having a base of organic traffic and customers helps counter any changes that come to social ad platforms like Facebook. So, platforms like Tik Tok, Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest are great alternatives. It’s better to hire someone who already creates content specialized on the platform(s) you want to focus on rather than having an expert try to transfer their skills to your chosen platform(s). Having multiple creators (in-house or UGC creators) that create content for your brand keeps your brand fresh because they bring diversity to the tones/styles of content. 

04:05 – 08:39 – The Key to Retaining D2C Customers – Collect detailed data – more than phone number and email address – to understand how customers might use your products. This data helps personalize your retention outreach and becomes a competitive advantage. Be intentional about what you write in these emails and how frequently you send them. Reduce fatigue due to unrelatable, spam emails in their inbox that could drive them to unsubscribe. 

08:40 – 11:33 – Discord Strikes a Chord With Gen Z Audience – On Discord, you can create channels for different communities. The audience on Discord is mainly the Gen Z audience who are typically not exposed to branded content on the platform and that brings a competitive advantage to your brand.  

11:34 – 14:25 – Lessons From the Doe Lashes Unboxing Experience – Gen Z loves talking about unboxing as an experience even before using the product they ordered. Your box should be fully branded with stylistically consistent elements and have its own unique enhancements. Make it easy for them to click pictures for their social media and create custom boxes for special occasions. 

14:26 – 18:41  – Getting Detailed Reviews From Your Customers – When you trigger your review email after a week or more post-delivery, customers are most likely to forget and ignore. Trigger the email immediately after delivery. Be straightforward with your customers about why you are asking for a review and directly tie it to a benefit they will get. 

18:42 – 19:49 – Challenges of Growing a D2C Brand – Factors such as economy and competition are always going to affect the spending habits your customers have with your brand. Always look for creative ways to overcome these challenges. 

Who Would Jason Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Jason would love to go on a lunch with Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke.  

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