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81: Secrets to an Efficient and Profitable Online D2C Business

 October 19, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“You’ve got to understand what you need to throw the money up, to get the best results. There’s no guarantee it’ll work but having insights that you can glean from all this data is and being smart is making sure that you have the best chance of succeeding!”

In episode 81 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a profound conversation with Christopher Hann, Customer Acquisition Manager at Virgin Pure. We talked about the importance of data and how it helps to find opportunities to maximize your conversion rate. We also talked about the challenges of a D2C brand and the advantages and impact of being associated with a major brand like Virgin.

D2C brands make business growth difficult for themselves when they rely only on paid ad platforms like Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram ads. In this situation, your brand doesn’t own any data. Having your own sources of data goes a long way in finding major insights to accelerate sales. 

The approach also needs to be holistic. A Conversion Rate Optimization expert will help you look at the entire funnel from the first visit to the first purchase – and beyond. Without insights across the entire funnel, your growth-focused investments will be like shooting in the dark – you’ll never be sure what works and where your money goes to die!

Christopher Hann has had wide-ranging experiences in B2B and D2C digital marketing companies. Over more than 13 years, he has worked in several marketing roles such as a Coordinator, Consultant, Executive, Specialist, Tactician, Head of Growth, and Manager. 

You can reach out to Christopher on LinkedIn or have a deeper marketing conversation with him over his email

Key Highlights:

02:47 – 07:19 – The Role of Data in Virgin Pure’s Growth – Data helps engineer the growth of paid channels and ensures a smooth customer experience from first visit to first purchase and beyond. This includes third-party data that helps understand the environment around your customers so you can spot their patterns accurately. It takes time to sift through all data and make it usable. 

07:20 – 18:06 – The Power of Giving More Choices to Your Customers – Offering a no-cost monthly installment option allows customers to divide a single large payment into several short payments. Letting customers control the delivery date and time (before the delivery team dispatches the product) and answering their questions through a live chat widget (or Whatsapp) also makes the experience very flexible for them. These tweaks to customer experience are crucial because negative word-of-mouth spreads faster than any positive reviews. 

18:07 – 21:28 – The Power of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Performance Marketing – CRO uses data to help find opportunities to reduce friction across the entire purchase journey with the customer. It also helps make sure your content/ads are being served to the right audience so they convert more of the impressions into traffic. It also helps reduce CPC and lets your ads use your budgets more efficiently. 

21:29 – 33:55 – Thinking Smartly About Your Conversion Rate – More traffic to maintain a fixed conversion rate means you might not focus on converting more of that incoming traffic. You might also keep paying a higher price to acquire the incoming traffic. Instead, tiny improvements along the purchase journey can produce big changes in your conversion rate and massive revenue gains for your business.  

33:56 – 37:55 – Impact of Having a Brand Like Virgin – Whenever Virgin is in the spotlight during any of its campaigns, it shines a spotlight on all of its subsidiary brands. Most of Virgin Blue’s Searches come from secondary searches where people know the name Virgin and that it has a water filtration system.  

37:56 – 41:22 – Using Comparison Pages on Your Website – Comparison pages should compare your product to a competitor’s solution and the lifestyle of your customer without any product at all. It allows customers to see the contrasting impact that buying your product can have on their lives. 

41:23 – 50:45 – Challenges of A Purely D2C Brand – Sales for D2C businesses often stay largely dependent on the availability of Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads. These brands must collect data from their own website to analyze the traffic coming from these platforms. No “under-the-hood” changes should slow down the website. Let customers use your product during offline marketing campaigns and don’t push for a sale immediately on first contact.  

Who Would Christopher Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Christopher would love to take GymShark’s Co-founder & CEO Ben Francis for lunch. 

Ben started from his parent’s garage and built a billion-pound global brand in a saturated niche. Chris also notes how Ben made GymShark the brand that it is now by using influencer marketing – before it ever was a thing!.

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