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80: Be Better Than Your Competition Through Trust and Effective Customer Service

 October 12, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“As a business owner, you put your blood, sweat, and tears in your business. It’s so easy to be super defensive about your product or your service. It’s really important to remember that they don’t care about that. They just care about figuring out whatever their issue is.”

In episode 80 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had an invigorating chat with Andrew Lees, Founder of Stoke Ventures and Co-founder of Maholla Products, a company that creates the Grassracks brand. We talked about how to build trust with your customer, simple steps to differentiate your brand through better customer service, and how affiliate marketing and Pinterest can help boost your online sales.

Trust is the hardest thing to cultivate with your customers online particularly because online stores are so easy to create. Unlike physically in a seminar/trade show, customers don’t see who is selling them products or can’t always try those products before buying.

It’s important to understand what trust is for online customers and how you can create a sufficient level of trust in your relationship with them. The two easy ways to do that are:

  • learning from brands like Amazon and Starbucks
  • piggybacking on someone else’s trust with their audience by making them your affiliates

Andrew Lees is the Founder and CEO of Stoke Ventures where he helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their products online. If you have heard of Grassracks, Andrew is the Co-founder & CEO of Maholla Products, the creators of the Grassracks brand. He is also the co-host of the podcast That Entrepreneur Life which is a podcast about entrepreneurship that takes you from idea to launch and beyond. 

You can subscribe to Andrew’s email list for cool tips and ideas at stokeventures.com or use the website to schedule a product consultation. You can also reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Key Highlights:

05:24 – 08:55 – The Power of Affiliate Marketing – If buyers discover your product/service through a source they already trust, they trust your product more than they would if they found you directly. Affiliate marketing leverages the audience of existing successful brand websites, magazines, or other media instruments.  It’s also faster than content marketing on your own website, where it takes much longer to build sufficient trust with your customers.

08:56 – 23:16 – Building and Capitalizing on Trust in Sales – Trust allows clear communication of your brand and product to the user, eliminating the barriers that online buying creates. Answering questions and objections on the product page helps build this trust faster. What makes Amazon and Starbucks such blockbuster brands is the consistent convenience that they offer through their buying experience. Such reliability builds trust with your customers over time.  

23:17 – 31:41 – The Power of Pinterest – People use Pinterest to look for new product ideas and DIY ideas as a visual swipe file. Pinterest prioritizes the relevance of the content while showing it to users, not its “recentness”.  You can engage with a Pinterest Account Executive for using their ads. With Instagram or Facebook ads you are pretty much left on your own at the mercy of their algorithms. 

31:42 – 40:02 – Use Customer Service to Set Your Brand Apart – Effective customer service is not very hard, yet many brands fail miserably at it. This is why customer service can be a great positioning play for your brand. Be as quick as you can to respond to your customers, focus on understanding them, and be helpful. Don’t be defensive because it gets tricky to handle tough situations without empathy for your customers. 

Who Would Andrew Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Andrew would love to take Neil Patel out for lunch because he admires Neil’s effortless content marketing. 

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