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76: Powerful Marketing Segmentation Secrets

 September 14, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“Personalization.. [is] only going to get more important and the customer expectations are only going to get bigger. [It’s] where the opportunity lies [for] a lot of marketers”

In episode 76 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I talked to Gen Furukawa of Prehook about the power of marketing quizzes, what kind of data we can collect from quizzes, how we can use them, and also what mistakes we must avoid when using customer quizzes to develop your audience segments. 

Most brands run marketing campaigns en-masse and they don’t go very far in sales. To market better and increase sales, you need to get close to customers and understand them in depth. To overcome this problem of lack of data, many brands turn to inferring data from customers’ habits, using data banks/brokers, and using expensive predictive analytics tools. They forget the easiest source of customer data – asking the customers themselves! 

Quizzes can help you understand your customers by extracting important fields of information that help understand the customers and their preferences in depth. With this data, you can create personalized marketing campaigns and increase sales.

Gen Furukawa is the Co-Founder of Prehook, a platform to create interactive quizzes that help you create amazing experiences on your Shopify store. You can capture more leads, personalize the shopping experience, and grow your ecommerce sales with Prehook’s interactive quizzes. 

Gen is also the co-host of the CartOverload.com podcast.

You can check out Gen’s product “Prehook” or email him directly to ask any questions you might have about building customer quizzes. 

Key Highlights:

02:22 – 04:08 – The Need for Collecting Data Directly from Your Customers – When you talk to customers, you get to see what exact problems your product solves that it was not intended to solve. As you integrate this data into personalized marketing campaigns, you build a foundation to increase the lifetime value of your customers. This data leaves no room for interpretation and you don’t need investment in prediction tools.

04:09 – 11:03 – How to Decide Which Questions to Ask Your Customers? – Define the purpose of the quiz for the product. It could be product recommendations, personalized products, or any other format but the premise of the quiz should be to help customers learn about themselves. Keep these quizzes short because long quizzes will give you incomplete data as bored customers close them pretty quickly.

11:04 – 23:59 – How to Use Data from Customers’ Quiz Responses? – You can use specific data from customers to create targeted automation that triggers different workflows when a field receives a certain value. You can also generate conditional email content dynamically in your marketing automation tools and even use this data to provide personalized product recommendations.  Educational content to help build authority and turn customers into advocates is also possible. 

24:00 – 26:39 – Why do Customers Subscribe to Certain Products and Not Others? – Convenience of getting a product automatically delivered without placing an order and the surprise of a mystery box are the two big reasons that drive customers to first try out and then stick with subscriptions. Customers may not subscribe if brands don’t convey the value of their subscription or if the customers already have a lot of other subscriptions. 

26:40 – 34:39 – Mistakes in Creating Shopper Quizzes – Asking questions where answers cannot be used directly in marketing automation or when no meaning can be derived from the answer is a big mistake. Asking for personal information very early in the quiz flow without building any trust or contextualizing the conversation is also a mistake that can turn off your customers. 
34:39 – 36:53 – Predictions for Brand Marketing – Understanding the priority of customers and what emotions they attach to specific product niches will be key to personalizing marketing communications.

Customers Who Click - Podcast


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