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74. Supercharge Your YouTube Ad Strategy

 August 31, 2021

By  Customers Who Click - Podcast

“When they look at their direct performance on YouTube, they go ‘this doesn’t work’. But then you’d say, ‘well, what is the direct performance of that TV advert?’” 

In episode 74 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had an invigorating chat with Jeremy Gillespie about how to make YouTube ads work for your eCommerce brand and what are the pitfalls to avoid. 

On average, it takes 8-12 touches for someone to convert into a paying customer. While everyone is pushing your customer to “buy now”, it’s important to build an ecosystem of touchpoints across the entire consumer journey to get consumers to know, like, and trust your brand. 

You don’t just need leads. You need a pipeline of qualified leads that you can turn into customers and repeat buyers. And YouTube ads are a way to enhance your funnel to bring in more qualified leads which you can later nurture down to purchase through your funnel.

Jeremy Gillespie is the Founder of Built To Scale, a done-for-you growth agency helping businesses increase awareness, acquire users, and scale their company without the overhead of a marketing department.

You can email Jeremy for any specific YouTube questions (he loves to help answer your questions and promised no hard pitch!) or check out the “Built to Scale” website

Key Highlights:

01:18 – 03:46 – YouTube Ads & Its Evolution – YouTube Ads started as a tool to increase brand awareness only at the top of the funnel but has now evolved into a full-fledged performance marketing platform. 

03:47 – 06:54 – Is Youtube Expensive? – Extremely high production value for video creation and high cost for YouTube Ads are two big myths that hold a lot of brands back from creating YouTube video content. For high-ticket, long-term value products such as courses, consulting services, SaaS, or financial products, YouTube is more scalable, stable, and high-yield right now than Facebook.  

06:55 – 14:02 – Are YouTube Ads Enough? – Build out your eCommerce presence, display marketing, retargeting, and dynamic search campaigns for high-intent keywords before launching any YouTube campaign. This allows your brand to target potential customers across the funnel and on different awareness levels regardless of if they consumed your brand content on YouTube. 

14:03 – 16:19 – Optimizing Ad Strategy – Have a handle on the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customer and its future projections. Your ad strategy (YouTube or otherwise) should focus on reducing the CPA as well as increasing the LTV through loyalty programs and precise targeting.   

16:20 – 20:06 – Blended ROAS vs YouTube Ads ROAS – YouTube ads may seem expensive when compared to a blended CPA number. To analyze it better, conduct an audit and get a clear picture of all your channels so your steps to reduce CPA on YouTube don’t disturb acquisition on other channels.

20:07 – 26:52 – How to Get More Profit Out of Your eCommerce Landing Pages? – Your creative only brings buyers to the landing page but conversion is the job of the landing page. So, understand your customers, run A/B tests on different versions of the page, and try out a sales page with the long-form copy for cold leads. Your landing page should also close the feedback loop of feedback so you understand the nitty-gritty of conversions on them.

26:53 – 34:55 – Achieving High-Conversion Rates with Marketing and SMS Automation Tools – Start by capturing the email and phone number to enable your email marketing and SMS marketing automation strategies. The more data you have on your customers’ buying intent the more targeted content and product recommendations are possible in your marketing automation workflow. It also makes nurturing your cold leads up to warm and even hot leads much easier and gives you a competitive advantage.

34:56 – 37:47 – Are You Making These Mistakes on YouTube Ads? – Your YouTube ads are audio-visual so using Facebook ad creatives directly for Youtube ads is a big mistake. Not having your creatives, as well as your landing pages, resonate with buyers’ intent will also reduce conversion rates. 

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