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64: The Key to Success? Asking the Right Questions

 June 22, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 64 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had fun chatting to Jon Ivanco about the need for collecting better data from customers.

So forget asking for *just* their name & email address - we’re talking data on exactly what the customer is looking for, and when they’re looking to buy it. Those are the two pieces of information you’ll need to map out their shopping journey so that you can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. 

It’s not about chasing KPIs or meeting requirements set from the above to save your job. Don’t take any absolutes in marketing - just because we’ve accepted that asking too many questions in forms causes friction and customers leave without sharing their data, it doesn’t mean it’s true for every brand. It all depends on the questions you’re asking and how relevant they are to the customer’s shopping experience.

Jon is the co-founder of Formtoro, an agency on a mission to make data collection frictionless, so businesses can create amazing personalized experiences. He's a brand strategist with more than a decade of experience working on process improvement.

Jon has been responsible for bringing data driven processes to life for clients such as LIFX, ROLI, Latticework, and many others. When Jon isn’t busy helping companies, he can be found on the golf course fighting with his swing. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter or head over to https://formtoro.com/

Key Highlights:

01:59 - 05:09 - Jon Talks Us Through Multi-Step Forms & How It Helps Ecom Brands Collect More Data - Incentive based pop ups are essentially your typical standard pop ups except they do live data collection. So aside from asking the customer for name & email address, the pop up asks a couple of key questions in regards to the customer journey.  Then, the Formoto team checks for combinations and patterns within that data to understand which data points are the most valuable for a company and how that can impact advertising budgets, as well as personalization throughout the entire customer journey.

06:11 - 12:12- What Brands Can Do to Fix Siloed Departments - Only outsource what you can maintain. We all remember times when marketing agencies kind of did everything for their clients: those times are long gone. Now you have agencies specialising in different channels or methods and they’re only hired to help achieve a specific goal. Keep in mind that if you hire multiple agencies, they have no obligation to work together or do things that aren’t in the agreement or contract - it’s on you to make sure each is looking at the broader marketing ecosystem, not just PPC / social media / email.

12:45 - 21:14 - You Don’t Need More Leads, You Need Better Leads - We’ve convinced ourselves that the fewer questions on a form, the more chances there are that the customer will share their data. While this is valid, you’ve also got to think about the quality of data you receive - how much can you achieve by getting just their name & email address? You still know virtually nothing about the customer. 

It’s not just about hitting the KPIs or meeting the requirements that have been set from above  to save your job - don’t take any absolutes in marketing. So instead of focusing on reducing the number of fields to increase conversions, think of what questions will provide you with rich data you can use right away. Almost all sales come down to want and timing. Do I want something and is the timing right for me to make that purchase? Find out and go from there.

20:41 - 54:05 - How Brands Can Use Multi-Step Popups to Gather Better Data - Focus on the questions. It doesn't matter what data you're collecting, it matters what questions you're asking so that you have an understanding of a timeframe of what a normal customer journey and cycle looks like. Another thing, reconsider jumping straight in to ask them for their email or phone number - would you do that to someone you literally just met in real life?

The questions should be relevant to the shopping experience of that customer and then, the offer to continue this communication in the future. Don’t assume people only sign up for the newsletter to get a discount - that’s a bad start when trying to build that fragile relationship. People want to be heard so if you’re asking them the right questions, you also need to listen and make sure they know you did.

Put some personality and creativity in your marketing as well. Today, most marketing is just copying what others are doing and the results are obvious - customers are fed up with irrelevant marketing. Check out what the competitors are doing and do the opposite.

With the iOS update and cookies going away, you will not get far if you’re not data driven and treating customers right. That means really listening to them & their needs and wants and providing value at each stage of their journey to enrich their shopping experience.

56:14 - 36:26 - What’s Jon Curious About in the Future of Ecommerce - Definitely the future of ecommerce after the demise of third-party cookies and iOS update. Also, when will marketing move from fake consultants and agencies that do nothing but follow what everyone’s doing & best practices instead of really trying to understand that customer & the brand. 

If you’d like to hear more from Jon, you can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter or head over to https://formtoro.com/.

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