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61. How to Create Funny Marketing Videos

 June 1, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 61 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a great chat with Joseph Wilkis about how to create engaging, and funny videos for your advertising campaigns.

I mean, who doesn’t like funny videos? I challenge you to go on YouTube and not watch at least one that popped up in your recommendations… But if you’ve been trying to create something for your ads, you know that going “viral” isn’t as simple as getting your dog dressed up as a pirate on camera.

It starts with knowing your audience. Not only will you pick up on their pain points, the reasons why they do and don’t buy from you and your competitors, but also the exact language they use, which is especially relevant and important in content like this. People like to relate to the messages and content they see out there, and if they don’t, the best you can expect is a little chuckle, at worst they skip the rest of the video.

Joe is the founder of Funny Sales Videos, an agency that uses fun and creative video campaigns to drive sales. His journey with video production started 20 years ago when he founded Pro-Creative (also a video agency) with the view to get into TV commercials. It worked amazingly until 5 years ago when TV usage declined in favour of DVDs and today, streaming services so Joe is now focusing on creating funny advertising video campaigns. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or head over to https://funnysalesvideos.com/

Key Highlights:

05:20 - 36:09 - What Makes a Video Engaging and Fun? - There are eight steps you need to cover: 

#1 Marketing 101 - regardless of what type of video you’re making, funny or not, you need to know exactly who your customer is. The best way to do it? Read reviews. It’s literally your customers writing your script for you.

#2 Brainstorm - figure out the main character of the video that will be entertaining, but also relevant to your customer audience and the problems they’re trying to solve. Why? So viewers can relate to the video and create an emotional connection with your rband before you start selling.

#3 Scripting - Now you’ve picked your concept, it's time to write the script. Get as many content and copywriters involved in it to make sure all key messaging points you pulled out of reviews are included.

#4 Adding Comedy - Joe and his team always get comedy writers involved to add jokes and punchlines once copy and content writers nailed the character story. The adding comedy step is one you should never do yourself and hire a professional instead (no jokes are better than bad jokes).

#5 Production - Once you've got your script, now you need to find the right actors, the right location and the right team. If you pick wrong, not even the wittiest or funniest script will save that video.

#6 Editing - Timing is essential when it comes to jokes - you can say the same joke with the exact same words, two different ways. One will be funny, the other one won't. So there’ll be a lot of testing and a lot of editing to get that final video on point.

#7 Testing - Use the Retention Curve to evaluate the success of your video - do people bail? Do they stay and watch the whole thing? The curve will spike and drop throughout the video, showing moments that peaked viewers' interests and the places where viewers click out of the video and tells you what further edits are required.

#8 Forget “Viral” - platform’s algorithms have progressed a tonne in the past few years and they’re capable of recognising if it’s an individual or a brand posting the video. And they won't promote it unless you're paying to promote it, their businesses just like the rest of us, they're in it to make a profit.

For more information about Joe’s 8-step guide to creating fun and engaging videos, head over to https://funnysalesvideos.com/ and download the free eBook now.

36:34 - 43:14 - Can Funny Videos Work for Any Brand? - Yes, but you have to make sure it's fitting to your brand and uses the language your audience is using -  you can't be counterculture. Making funny videos for soccer mums or teenagers is different from making funny videos for C suite. This is why testing is so critical that you test it on the customer avatar, not just whoever's in your office...

43:33 - 45:06 - Biggest Video Mistakes to Avoid - Brands that try to be funny when they’re really not. If you don’t have the budget or the skills to come up with jokes and witty lines, stick to creating a standard video. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than brands making poor jokes.

45:18 - 47:35 - Joe’s Marketing Pet Peeves - Spam and people who really don’t care about their audience. You can immediately tell when something is engaging vs something that’s spammy when it’s not relevant to you. What’s even the point of creating content that isn’t of interest to your audience? It’s not sales, for sure because people don’t like their day being disrupted with irrelevant messaging.

If you’d like to hear more from Joseph, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or head over to https://funnysalesvideos.com/.

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