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55. The Real Value Behind a CRO Strategy

 April 20, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 55 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking to Joris Bryon about conversion rate optimisation.

If you’ve been following me on LinkedIn for a while now, you know how important CRO is to me. When done right, it will absolutely make DTC brands more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

If, however, it’s treated as a quick fix (which is what happens 99% of the time unfortunately), all it does is it breeds disappointment. Great conversion optimisation isn’t about blindly following other companies' case studies or CRO best practices but rather letting customer data guide your claims and tests. 

Lots of brands focus on adding more and more traffic to the mix and focusing on the conversion rate of that traffic as a whole, but there’s so much more to it...including the value side.

Joris is the Founder and CEO of Dexter, a digital marketing agency focusing on helping 7 & 8-figure eCom brands increase revenues and margins without spending more on advertising. You can connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter or head over to www.dexter.agency

Key Highlights:

03:41 - 11:31 - Joris Talks Us Through Conversion Rate Optimisation -  CRO is really about getting more out of what you already have and it’s more than just trying to increase your conversions - it’s about improving the end outcome (revenue) by improving conversions. It could be making more out of each site visitor ort it could be increasing purchase frequency or average order value.

11:41 - 18:29 - Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about CRO - First misconception is that you need to have enough traffic to perform A/B tests and if you don’t, then you can’t optimise for conversions. There are other ways to identify conversion blockers - quantitative data or user testing to name a couple. Not to mention that CRO doesn’t start with A/B testing - you first need to know what you want to test and why.

Another common misconception is that conversion rate optimisation is a quick fix. People seem to think that CRO specialists can take just one quick look at their site and immediately give them a list of things that are wrong with it.  CRO doesn’t work like that, unfortunately; it’s a long-term game.

18:45 - 51:07 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Make with CRO - Biggest one is not doing your research. Everyone wants to jump straight into A/B testing because that’s where all the fun is but not doing the research is setting yourself up for a lot of losing tests. It might seem as though you’re saving time now but the reality is, you’re doubling your workload in the future when your tests aren’t performing.

Other mistakes are not doing quality assurance on your tests or not running the test long enough - you always need to test in increments of weeks. Conversion rates vary on different days so stopping tests too soon might give you the wrong idea.

And lastly, it’s blindly following CRO best practices or basing your tests on other companies’ case studies. Best practices are guidelines to the process, they don’t give you the answers for what’s right for your brand - let the data guide you instead.

22:02 - 25:24 - Where to Start with the CRO Research - There are three research methods that can get your brand started:  Google Analytics, user testing and expert review. Later down the line, you can look at things like heat or scroll maps and visitor recordings.

51:14 - 14:38 - Upcoming Trends with CRO - It’s hard to predict anything because CRO is still very much in its infancy. You have brands that are already nailing it and then you have brands that don’t optimise for conversions at all but the digital marketing landscape is definitely becoming more and more aware of CRO and how it can help them grow sustainably.

54:49 - 56:40 - Joris’s Marketing Pet Peeves - Forms. Joris feels many brands simply don’t pay enough attention to the forms they submit to their customers and they’re just super annoying. Either filled with a tonne of unnecessary questions or enigmatic error messages that make filling them out a nightmare.

56:46 - 01:00:50 - Joris’s Underrated Aspect of Marketing - Customer personas, but not just a half-baked and vague customer personas - we’re talking proper in-depth stuff that really makes a difference. Unfortunately, many brands still don’t have a clue and stick to targeting “women in their 30s”.

If you’d like to hear more from Joris, you can connect with him on  LinkedIn, Twitter or head over to www.dexter.agency.

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