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53. Buyer Psychology & The Customer Journey

 April 6, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 53 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a fantastic chat with Kenda Macdonald about buyer’s psychology and customer journey. 

I know I keep saying this, but here it goes anyway: hacks, tricks and trends come and go but truly understanding your customers and what makes them click is priceless. Consumers today are aware and savvy; they know about the many tactics brands use to nudge them toward conversions.

They don’t trust most paid ads - that cynical doubt has been ingrained in their minds after years and years of disappointment and lack of transparency. If you, however, always think about your customers first and their wants and needs, you really have a chance to overcome this aversion.

But it’s not as simple as understanding just what they are trying to achieve using your product - you also have to look at the entire buyer’s journey and how each tiny little touchpoint in your business will impact the customer’s thought process. 

Kenda is the CEO of Automation Ninjas, a digital agency specialising in behavioural marketing automation. Interestingly enough, Kenda started off as a Forensic psychology major, but while still in Uni, she got involved in marketing automation and realised there’s a massive mismatch between the way the brain works and how people put marketing together. Today, Kenda is an award-winning business owner, author of the best selling book ‘Hack the Buyer Brain’. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or head over to www.automationninjas.com

Key Highlights:

02:50 - 15:31 - Buyers Psychology, Customer Journey & Marketing Automation - How Do They All Fit Together? - Once you really understand how the human mind works, how the customer perceives your marketing messaging and where you need to show up as a brand in the customer journey, you’ll see these are intertwined and fit it together beautifully. Every interaction you have with your customers, every tiny little bit you do, is either adding to or detracting from the experience you're trying to create with your customer journey.

However, while everyone understands the value of deploying psychological triggers across various touchpoints, many only focus on specific touchpoints like landing or product pages. But that’s just missing the point completely - you need to look at the buyer’s journey as a whole entity rather than independent touchpoints. You need to understand how the entire journey makes the customer feel and find ways to make it just a little more user friendly for them instead of launching yet another marketing campaign because it feels right or other companies are doing it.

15:50 - 31:29 - Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about Buyers Psychology in the Buyer’s Journey - The biggest misconception is that psychology is strictly academic and has no practical application in real life. But it’s really about the person’s lack of understanding of how psychological principles apply to different aspects of our lives. Another common misconception is that people expect quick hacks and tricks with the view to exploit them rather than try to understand the bigger picture. Plus, those pursuing hacks rarely get them right anyway - they apply them quickly, hoping for a quick win and never fully understand the fundamentals of why this hack is supposed to be so effective.

31:32 - 45:46 - What Are the Key Things Brands Need to Consider with Buyer’s psychology in the Customer Journey - You need to sit down and really think about your customers - but look beyond the buyer persona. Look at the entire process they need to go through to complete the purchase, from what steps they’ll take, what type of content might ease the purchasing process and at which stage of the journey… If you as a business can understand the awareness stages that your consumer is going through and understand how to provide the right kinds of information for those prospects and leads that are coming into your funnels, you can make sure that you are actually creating a customer journey that they want to be a part of.  

45:47 - 01:01:32 - Biggest Mistakes Brands Make - Not understanding the purchasing process at all. Everyone focuses on making the product as cheap as possible, making the checkout process as smooth as possible (which are also important) but only very few truly understand the correlation between the reward and pain centres of our brains. Price, no matter how low, will ALWAYS activate the pain areas, despite how big the reward is - that’s why content marketing and relationship building is so important because you’re feeding into the reward centre of the brain, and over time, reward activation outshines pain activation. 

01:01:44 - 01:09:28 - Kenda’s Marketing Pet Peeves - Lack of effort, especially in emails. If you’re showing up in someone’s inbox, make sure you’re telling them about something they want to hear - not just you, you, you. It’s disrespectful to your audience.

If you’d like to hear more from Kenda, you can connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or head over to www.automationninjas.com

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