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41. The Value of Customer Delight

 January 12, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 41 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I had a great time chatting to Oli Bridge about how to surprise & delight your customers. 

Customer delight isn’t something many brands prioritise; perhaps because it doesn’t seem to directly impact the bottom line. However, I believe that when done right, it absolutely does.

You’ll build engagement and loyalty with your existing customers, leading to better lifetime values, but crucially, you’ll also build word of mouth for your business which will have a huge influence on your social channels, review platforms, and ultimately drive new business to your site.

Not to mention it’s the brands who go the extra mile to surprise their customers that are really remembered. The best part though? A decent delight strategy does not have to be mega expensive or time-consuming - it absolutely can be automated!

Oli is the Chief Marketing Officer at Bonjoro, the world's first Customer Delight platform helping brands build trust and convert more customers via personalised video messages. He’s been involved in SaaS marketing for 12 years now and loves introducing new ideas & seeing them grow. If you’d like to learn more about how you can delight your customers, reach out to Oli on LinkedIn or check out bonjoro.com

Key Highlights:

02:48 - 11:03 - Why is Personalisation & Customer Delight Important - There are three areas in which a great customer delight strategy could have the most significant impact - driving traction for early startups,  increasing customer lifetime value and maximising word of mouth marketing.  Creating that positive (and unexpected) customer experience fosters deeper relationship building and encourages loyalty and if you get it right, people will remember it for years to come.

11:14 - 28:33 - Myths and Misconceptions about Customer Delight - First, it’s important to distinguish Customer Success from Customer Delight - these ideally should be two separate divisions in your team or you’ll end up getting the two mixed up. Second, it’s dismissing it as something insignificant, something that has virtually no impact on revenue.

28:49 - 39:57 - How to Get Started with Customer Delight - As previously mentioned, it’s absolutely critical to create a job function dedicated to delighting customers, for example, a Customer Delight Officer. Also, make sure to set your KPIs so that you can measure the tangible impact it's having, such as testimonials, reviews or even NPS or RMF score. And finally, look at the customer journey beyond activation and think about what other points could be made delightful.

40:25 - 45:08 - What are the Biggest Mistakes Brands Make with Customer Delight - Not testing or trying different variations of the things you do to delight your customers. It’s too easy to get stuck at a mediocre delight tactic to the point it almost becomes automated and the whole point of doing it (surprise) is lost.

45:49 - 54:24 - Upcoming Trends with Customer Delight - Personalised Thank You videos. While this has been more common in the SaaS space, ecommerce brands are also starting to pick up on it since more tools become available in the ecommerce industry.

54:39 - 37:45 - Oli’s Marketing Pet Peeves - Growth hacking is way too overrated and 9 times out of 10, focusing on simple tactics can bring in much better results, for example, interacting with customers or partners and really building that relationship. Plus, some of the growth hacking tactics can come across as spam so in some cases, it’s not worth risking damage on your brand reputation.

01:01:58 - 40:54 - Oli’s Underrated Aspect of Marketing - Brand culture. The problem with most ecommerce websites is that they all look the same, there’s nothing that makes them stand out. Having that brand culture incorporated in your marketing messaging and the look of your website can make all the difference.

If you’d like to hear more from Oli reach out to him on LinkedIn or check out bonjoro.com

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