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40. The Key to Optimising With Data

 January 5, 2021

By  Customers Who Click

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In episode 40 of the Customers Who Click podcast, I spoke with Sarah Krstyen Moss about data and how to integrate it into video advertising.

You know me, I’m all about the data and leveraging it to drive better results in the future. However, the big mistake I see brands making on a daily basis is collecting a ton of data but not fully understanding what the statistics say and how to use it to their advantage.

Because essentially, data is just that – a bunch of numbers that don’t mean anything until they’re analysed and then, converted into actionable insight. On top of this, there’s integrating everything you learn into the creative & media side of things.

Sarah is Director of Media & Analytics at Molio Inc. that specialises in creating online video campaigns that not only drive results for their clients but also insights that later inform future campaigns. Sarah’s journey with data analysis began as a biostatistician in paediatrics where she felt like something was missing in her life – until she met my previous guest, the CEO of Molio, Jeff Davis. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Key Highlights:

08:19 – 12:21 – Sarah’s Approach to Data and Integration – First of all, there has to be clear understanding of what each data point means and how it can guide your next steps. It’s not just about crunching the numbers but rather recognizing them for what they are and basing your decisions around it. Secondly, the key to a seamless data integration is blending the creative and media side of things, where everyone involved has access to and fully understands the data.

14:30 – 28:29 – Myths and Misconceptions about Data – Assuming ad data is black & white or one-dimensional, rather than finding out WHY the numbers are saying what they are saying. Figuring why one of your channels is underperforming can open up a whole new level of opportunities to explore instead. Another common mistake is waiting for more data before going ahead with the campaign – sometimes you need to just start with a small budget and see what happens. 

29:40 – 31:52 – How to Make Better Use of the Data – The key to unlocking the usefulness of your data is figuring out the story that your data is telling. There are four steps to do it: 1. Identify trends or themes, 2. Identify significant differences in your data or things that are inconsistent, 3. Identify discrepancies or outliers and 4. Identify any changes, like a trend that has stopped. Then, instead of reporting your findings to the stakeholders, teach them what it all means and why should they care.

39:59 – 47:25 – What are the Big Trends Coming In Data Usage – Creative content and media placement. With user privacy policies tightening up and limiting our targeting options as we speak, brands must create content that speaks to their audience in the right context, right setting and right mindset. 

49:09 – 59:28 – Sarah’s Marketing Pet Peeves – The use of vanity platforms that are expensive but drive nothing but big impression numbers instead of helping to achieve the brand’s objective. Another one is when creative teams develop their creative, ship it off to the media, and then assume their job is done – the two teams must work in complete synergy.

57:46 – 59:29 – Sarah’s Underrated Aspect of Marketing – Human connection. It’s so easy to surround yourself in data, artificial intelligence or machine learning but we all crave that human touch in daily interactions.

If you’d like to hear more from Sarah you can connect with her on LinkedIn or head over to www.molio.com

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