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32. How Can Brands Podcast Their Way To Success

 November 10, 2020

By  Will

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In episode 32 of the Customers Who Click podcast Roger Nairn, the CEO and Co-Founder of JAR Audio joined me to talk about how brands can use podcasts to engage and retain customers, and employees.

There are plenty of ways brands can use podcasts, but the key thing is value. Provide value to your customers as this is a content marketing channel, not a sales channel. Some of Rogers clients don’t even mention their products in their podcasts, and while you don’t necessarily have to go that far, it’s important that your podcast isn’t perceived as an advertisement channel.

Roger is the Co-Founder and CEO of JAR Audio, which specializes in producing podcasts for brands. Drawing on 2 decades as a client leader in the advertising and design world, Roger is a lateral thinker, a problem solver, strategist and finder of new ways. Roger’s clients are happy clients. Roger has experience managing client relationships and building brands for world-famous agencies DDB and Cossette. His clients have included Netflix, Expedia, Lululemon, Walmart, Nordstrom, Lamborghini, Cineplex, Four Seasons plus more. Roger is a former Board Member for TEDxVancouver.

Key Highlights:

02:19 - 08:21 - An Introduction to the World of Podcasting - Podcasting is still a fairly new medium but it’s growing all the time and chipping away at larger channels such as TV and Radio, and is generally considered quite a mobile medium. People listen to podcasts while going for a run, or commuting to work, or just while doing other activities. A BBC study showed that 94% of listeners consume podcasts while doing another task, and yet this multitasking actually improves engagement with the podcast.

08:36 - 17:54 - How Can Brands Use Podcasts - Provide value, and don’t talk about yourselves. Nobody wants to sit through 20-30 minutes of a brand just talking about themselves, but if you give value related to your industry and your products, thats what people want to hear. The episode either needs to be informative, or entertaining. A well produced and thought through podcast can get listen-through rates of 98-100%, so it’s by far one of the most powerful channels for keeping customers engaged with your brand. How many blog posts and ebooks can keep people engaged that long on a weekly basis?

18:05 - 26:34 - What are the Myths & Misconceptions around Podcasts - As with a lot of content, its the idea that if you produce it and put it live, it’ll go viral. You have to put a marketing strategy behind it if you really want to get the numbers there, a combination of other channels such as social, email, and even paid ads. The other big misconception is that there is a special algorithm on iTunes that will pick your podcast up and feature it. In reality, there’s a team of people dedicated to finding the best podcasts and promoting them. So a lot of work has to go into pitching the podcasts, including to the traditional media, to get coverage.

27:00 - 37:49 - How to Get Started with Podcasts - You need to answer several key questions to formulate a good podcast. What can you teach, what value can you provide your audience with the content? How can you entertain your audience?  And most importantly, what does the world need most, that you are most qualified to talk about? So the key things are providing value, entertaining, and being qualified to discuss it.

38:14 - 44:04 - What are the Big Mistakes? - Firstly, having your CEO as the host. It’s not always wrong, but is it necessary? Is the CEO really the best person and is it the best use of their time? Linked to that is the idea that the host needs to even be from your company. It doesn’t have to be, you can definitely outsource to a good host, and this also helps with potential conflict. If the host is from the company, it could create this idea that of course the content is going to be favourable toward the brand. Finally, trying to get everything perfect. Fussing over every word or message. You can leave stutters in, you can leave little mistakes in, you don’t have to edit the podcast into this perfectly flowing conversation that didn’t ever happen.

44:40 - 50:27 - What are the Big Trends Coming In Podcasting? - Consolidation of distribution will continue, particularly for the mega podcasts like Joe Rogan. There’ll be more and more exclusivity, obviously particularly for the big podcasts out there. Also, with it becoming easier and cheaper to produce audio content, itll be used more and more in media. You could have the daily news show as a quick podcast to give a summary of what’s been happening. Plenty of media outlets could have a daily podcast.

50:43 - 53:00 - Rogers Pet Peeves - The idea that people hate marketing. They don’t, of course they don’t. They hate bad marketing. Companies that forget their customers and their audience, produce bad creative or just use bad tactics to market to customers, treating them as numbers not people. 

53:16 - 57:59 - Rogers Most Underrated Aspect of Marketing - Word of mouth, referrals, advocacy. Marketers these days can get caught up in the data and the algorithms, and that adds to the lack of customer centric marketing. Creativity begins to disappear as marketers just focus on the data side and being a bit lazy.

If you’d like to hear more from Roger you can connect with him on LinkedIn or check out jaraudio.com


Will is a Customer Journey Marketing consultant, specialising in CRO, CRM and Customer Experience. Will has over 7 years experience working across a range of consumer facing businesses and has worked for huge brands such as MyVoucherCodes, Europcar, JackpotJoy, Virgin Games and Virgin Bet.


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